FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION | Institute of Agricultural and Food Policy Studies

1. Why choose IKDPM as a consultant? 2. How to cooperate? 3. Who will assist in managing and weaving of our relationship with our stakeholders? 4. When we need to be contacted?

1. IKDPM is a center of excellence with a large group of experts, experienced and dedicated to dealing with consultancy work more professionally and effectively. 2. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact information is available in the Contact Us section. 3. UPMHoldings is the central reference point to manage and help us in all business dealings with our stakeholders, such as agreements, the issue of legislation, administration, business and others. 4. Our website is a place where we provide all the information necessary to reference our stakeholders, including their potential. Please refer to our website before calling.

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